Welcome to GemArmy

About us

GEMarmy’s aim is to provide customers with a very affordable quality game servers. We don’t just look for new customers but we make sure that our current customers are very happy with our services. We use multiple ways of support for you to contact us by. GEMarmy uses real Dedicated servers instead of VPS to ensure that all operations are smooth and consistently at the highest possible quality.

How we work

We have multiple servers in multiple Datacentres throughout France (RBX, GRA, PARIS) to provide the lowest possible latency for your game server.  Each of our servers have a 1Gigabit/s uplink to allow for the fastest possible transfer of data to your home.  Our game servers also have a mitigation system to protect against the ever increasing threat of DDoS attacks.


We allow you to completely customise your server files by giving you full FTP access to your servers files.  This means you can use a range of mods, add-ons and plugins within your server.  We are also flexible with server size and games that we host, if there is a game not listed, feel free to contact our support and get a quote on ANY game server you want hosted!

Terms and Conditions

ALL: GemArmy does not take any responsibility for your accounts or passwords being stolen, GemArmy will not refund PSC payments and paypal payments may be refunded within 7 days of uptime if there is a technical error or change of mind from the buyer.  We do not guarantee uptime and you are responsible for backing up your own data files.  If your payment is not renewed on time we may delete your files and settings unless you notify us with a justification. All payments for our services are to be done each month.

Game Servers: GemArmy will not add downtime onto your payment, for example if your game server goes down for 2 days we will add 2 days onto your month to ensure satisfaction and fairness.  You may not change the parameters line on Firedaemon unless it is to change the gametype, maprotation or mod file.

VPS: Using our VPS to DDoS or hack other people will result in a suspension and without justification we will not put your VPS back up.  We have the right to edit or change any files on your VPS if necessary and we will take no responsibility for lost data or licences used on your VPS.  

By purchasing from us you agree to these Terms and Conditions.