Welcome to GemArmy

Hello we are GemArmy.

We provide you with the best possible quality of hosting for the lowest possible prices.  Our servers are based throughout Europe in locations such as Germany, UK and France.  We work hard to ensure you get your moneys worth each month.

All Game servers come with FTP access via Filezilla to ensure that you have full control over your server settings.  Firedaemon is also provided with your server to allow for easy management and automatic restarts if the server crashes.

All Minecraft servers will be through Multicraft and will have FTP via Filezilla if asked for.

We trust you to respect that we are not a big company and are unable to refund you after 1 week of your payment.  Our aim isn’t to make profit, but to provide the best hosting option out there for the every-day gamer!


The GemArmy Team.